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Updated Mac Lipstick Collection

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hi everyone,
so today i thought i would show you my updated mac lipstick collection, ive only had a few extra lipsticks but the post was so so long ago that i would re-show what i have.
most of these are cult favourites but i really really love these colours and you will see a running theme.
updated mac lipstick collection
so i have 15 mac lipsticks altogether, probably way more than one girl needs, although i recon some people have more, and no lieing tell me honestly how many you have hehe. There are some well loved ones that i just can't bare to get rid of them until i have finished them completely. I know they say you have like 12 months on lipsticks, but im only using them on myself and i love the colours so as long as they don't smell funny or the texture doesn't change, i think that there still fine.
So a closer look at all of them:
updated mac lipstick collection
updated mac lipstick collection
running from left to right we have:
Double spin/ creamsheen: This was from one of their Christmas collections, its a lovely glittery pale bronze
secret lover/lustre: This is a really pale colour, kind of like an over a different lipstick color with a gold glitter to it.
high tea/lustre: This one somehow get abit messed up, i think it got to hot once, and its hard to use it, but i only have a little bit left anyway so that ok, this is one of my first ones i bought, and is a lovely brown, but its not too dark, its a similar color to my lip color and has abit of a sheen to it, which is nice.
nude rose/lustre: This is a nice brown/pink similar to high tea but obviously with abit more pink.
snob/satin: Is the very very first mac lipstick i ever bought, its an amazing dark bubblegum pink color and i absolutely love it, definitely i firm favorite that i will keep continuing to buy.
impassioned/amplified: Is a really nice bright pinky/red, very very bright, but so lovely
Vegas volt/amplified:Is a cult favorite, really, an orange/red that again is very bright, beautiful on the right skin tone, and an amazing orange, it looks dark on my hand but it is bright.
updated mac lipstick collection updated mac lipstick collection
left to right:
morange/Amplified: Basically a pure orange, maybe with a hint of red to make it wearable, but for anyone who loves oranges this is definitely for you!!!
costa chic/frost: I bought it because it had the word costa in it, how sad, (i like coffee) but its actually a really nice colour
Gotta dash/sheen supreme: The only one i have in this formal, more like a glossy finish but abit more dulled down then morange, so if you like oranges but can't pull off a bright colour, this is your lipstick.
saint germain/amplified: a beautiful pink, kind of like your traditional barbie pinks, its a lovely summer colour, perfect really.
shy girl/creamsheen: similar to high tea, like a pale brown, slightly lighter then high tea.
politely pink/lustre: It's a different color to what it sounds like, its not very pink, it has a slight pink undertone but it is more on the brown side.
brave/satin: Abit dark to what im used to, kind of like a browny/red but a medium shade, it would be really nice on medium skin tones.
mlle/glaze: This was a limited edition lipstick, i don't know which collection, i bought it off a beauty blogger in one of those sales, its a lovely dark pale pink color.
Well that's all 15 of them, swatched and everything, I have more lustres than anything, i really like them, they're nice and shiney but have abit of moisture aswell, amplified aswell i love, because they hold a lot of color in them.have you ever tried any of these, please let me know, i would love to know if you have the same ridiculous collection as me, or are abit more sensible in your choices.
I just cant help it, i love mac, i love the black sleek packaging, there not too expensive which is fantastic, and no matter the formula they all have good staying power, even without a lip liner, so i can't see anything wrong with them. I will always go for a mac lipstick, no matter what. If i had to choose just one company for my lipsticks it would be them!
so which ones are your favorites? which ones do you own already??

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