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Updated Chart Data with ActiveCaptain

By Sailingguide

ActiveCaptain's Interactive Cruising Guidebook has become a valuable resource for changing chart data such as buoys that have been moved, shoaling in formerly navigable water, etc. Information that can be very difficult to access in the Coast Guard's Local Notices to Mariners can be seen overlaid on the NOAA chart with an icon that brings up the detail. A yellow Hazards icon differentiates this info from other types, such as marinas, anchorages, etc. Boat captains can also add their own notes and comments on navigational hazards. This is a terrific free resource for those cruising unfamiliar waters.
As I am starting a sailing cruise into Downeast Maine, I checked ActiveCaptain and discovered a particular channel I transited a decade ago is now choked by lobster pots. Since the boat I'm on has an unprotected prop and spade rudder, I think I'll follow the suggestions of the captains who recommend an alternate route through that area. This is a good example of online "crowdsourcing" at its best. If you sail but don't yet know ActiveCaptain, well, you should!

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