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It's Never Too Early to Plan for a Safe Boating Season

By Sailingguide

It's still early spring and many of us in northern climates haven't even begun to think of launching our boats, but in warmer climates the Coast Guard continues to report incidents and rescues in many areas and, sadly, continuing boating fatalities. It may be that in fact boaters are at greatest risk early in the season, when they're excited to be back out on the water or so busy focusing on the renewed experience that they sometimes pay less attention to safety issues.

Of course, staying safe involves a lot more than just watching where you're going and trying to stay in the boat. Here's a good overview of safety principles to get ready for the season plus links for more information. Remember too that when you invite guests aboard, they're often not familiar with the boat or risks - take a moment to give them a safety briefing. Then get your boat ready, launch, and enjoy!

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