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Update: September 2014

By Balmainbeauty @BalmainBeauty
Dear Friend's,
I'm very sorry my blog is neglected. August and so far in September have been very stressful and busy because I couldn't find a new flat within my price range and preferred area. I needed to move out of the housesitting flat by 10th September as the owner's were coming back. I went through a lot of stress about it and I was looking for the past 6 week's before they were due back. I was just about to consider defeat and have no choice but to move back in with my parent's until the end of September but luckily I found a flat not where I was looking to live, but it'll do and I'm quite liking the space and the new kitchen but its completely unfurnished. All I have is a floor lamp, a bedside table, a queen bed and mattress and a second hand 2 seater lounger and a tv. I don't have a fridge or washing machine so that's been quite difficult.
I'm currently in Auckland and as most of you would know because I've tweeted about it a lot, I'm going to Sydney IMATS this weekend so I'm writing this post to you to explain my absence from blogging and youtube from Auckland International Airport.
As much as I'd like to have kept up with bloggy thing's, the need to find a place to live and furnishing it was a priority and now I'm traveling. I'm planning to do some Vlogging but unfortunately with the little time I have in Sydney (just a week) I won't have time to film, edit and upload until I get back. This is my first holiday since January so I need time in Sydney to enjoy it. I have home broadband connected now (quicker than I wanted to get it connected because I can't do without it) so you can expect to see some little clip's from my Sydney trip at the end of this month or early next month. I just have to finish furnishing my flat and trying to find some paid work because I've not earn't any money in the last 3 week's. My current job is quite a way from where I live so I'm looking for something else closer to home.
I hope you understand why I've not been around, it's not that I haven't wanted to keep in touch but I haven't been buying anything so I couldn't haul and I had to save the money for this trip because I'm paying 7 night's in a hotel in Sydney and 4 night's in Auckland (3 on my way back home) so I've got to be thrifty and it's pretty challenging! I also found out that the Aussie dollar is less than the NZ so I lost quite a bit of money changing currencies.
If you'd like to see picture's from last night in Auckland, please follow my Instagram here. I'll post posting photo's of IMATS and the lovely girl's and guy's I met on my trip this coming week there and once I get back into thing's when I get home at the end of the month I'll be making and probably posting about my trip to Sydney. I'm really excited to meet so many Aussie youtuber's that I subscribe to and those I don't know of yet so if you read this and you see me, please come say Hi.
Hope your all doing well,

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