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Let's Play : Something You Don't Know About Me #BBSYDKAM

By Balmainbeauty @BalmainBeauty
Hello Ladies, 

I'm a Single lady (my 1st year since the Divorce). I'm home alone on a cold wintery Saturday night and rather than drown my sorrow's with a bottle of wine and singing song's by Chaka Khan al'a Bridget Jones, I thought it'd be fun to create a new series where I share with you something every Saturday night and the best part is You can join in!

The aim is to get to know each other. Beyonce's All The Single Ladies spring's to mind.
You can post any picture you like on your Instagram but let's keep it PG.
Let's Play : Something You Don't Know About Me #BBSYDKAM
This is my first Something You Don't Know About Me, which I've posted on Instagram

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So now you know I'm still a #Twihard and I hope you won't hold it against me! LOL
I'm also Robert Pattinson fan. I've met him, he signed my copy of New Moon (which is his fave of the Twilight seriesand he spoke to me at the Twilight premiere in London. I'm still swooning over this encounter! I swear he's even more handsome in person and I still have a bit of a thing for him, ladies I wouldn't say no, would you? I've just realised Twilight was 7 year's ago! 

Please use the hashtag #BBSYDKAM every Saturday night!
BalmainBeauty Something You Don't Know About Me
It's easier to look at each other's post's 
if we use this hashtag, please don't
forget to use the hashtag if you want other participant's to see your picture.
Let's make the cut-off Sunday at Midnight wherever you live and you can repost againthe following Saturday wherever you live, that mean's we should have lot's of pix to lookat because of all the different Country timezone's.
Feel free to pop your Country down in your description as it'd be nice to see whereyou come from and how far this new series is reaching single ladies around the World!
Happy snapping!
Any question's about #BBSYDKAM please tweet me and I'll try to help.
Remember the only Rules are keep it PG, include your Country and a description of
your picture and why you chose it and the hashtag so it's easy to find.
I'll repost a few of my faves on Instagram every week to give you a shoutout!
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