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Up Your Game...shelf

By Pretendmanblog @pretendmanblog

Up your game...shelf

When a man reach’s a certain age we’re generally forced to up our game. Be it the addition of frames to previously blue-tacked posters or adoption of shelves rather than just piles.  Suddenly everything needs to look a little bit more adult and appealing, especially if you’re making the leap to living with a partner. Looking like the standard bachelor pad is just not going to cut it. 

One of the first things to go is generally the games consoles and epic collection of action DVDs that to the untrained eye will generally look no different to the collections of a prepubescent teen, regardless of how ‘grown-up’ your violent viewing material is. If they don’t find themselves in a dustbin they’ll definitely find themselves hidden away in a covert effort to make playing the games more of an effort and your living room like a streamlined grown up one.

We can only imagine that James Bit faced a similar problem at some point forcing him to dream up these brilliant video and DVD covers to tidy and ‘adultise’ your collection. Based on the iconic Penguin book designs and arriving in a simple PDF form ready for printout these are a minimal and cool looking solution to smartening up your shelves and worthy compromise when your girlfriend starts getting the bin bags out.

Up your game...shelf
Up your game...shelf

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