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Unpaid Client Invoices a Solution

Posted on the 02 June 2018 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Client billing for my services is easy. 99 percent of them pay me ahead of time, on time or on a recurring basis.  There is always one that doesn’t pay.  It is annoying.

My wife Maria previously ran this company and only experienced it once so I asked her what she did. I was so impressed, her response was so simple and obvious.  She asked me a question, did you send them an invoice?

What’s an invoice was my response.

See I’ve always dealt with my clients via email. I print them out and put them in a folder by client name and by date and write on it when I get paid.  Whenever she asked me if I was keeping good records I was proud to say yeah I have it right here and show her the folder.  I even have this green paper with lines on it and a couple columns showing the name of the customer and what I charged and what they paid.  She is fancy (a Certified Public Accountant) and calls it green bar.

Then she said there was an easier way, your clients will love it.

I love my wife, she is very smart.  And her easy way was perfect it is an online program called FreshBooks.  It is way easier than sending customers emails with details of their fee.  This program is really cheap to use, easy to use and does invoicing, reminders, statements and billing.  Plus when the customer pays me it logs it into the FreshBooks system for me.  I’m in love <<insert heart emoji>>

Get FreshBooks and use my affiliate links or click the banner below.  I earn a small affiliate commission if you open an account but you get an amazing, easy to use, easy to learn awesome program to invoice and bill and collect from your clients!

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