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United States – Open for Business Again, but Only Delaying the Pain.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Yesterday, the United States dodged a flying bullet as in congress they agreed to pass a new budget to allow the country to function again. In the past 3 weeks the United States had been in lockdown and as a result thousands of government workers were effectively prevented from going to work as national services, monuments and national parks were shut down. Nobody was getting paid and a yet bigger hurdle was looming as the debt ceiling would have been reached today 17th October. Had that deadline passed then effectively the US would have been unable to borrow money to pay it’s bills, however the US Administrators struck a late deal to raise the US debt ceiling once again. As I see it, this agreement is only delaying the moment when the United States will really have to face the truth about it’s financial position.

USStolteChart debt

Several factors came together yesterday to strike a deal in America. Firstly, Venus the planet of diplomacy and tact finally got to the top of the US chart hitting the Midheaven, the point of the chart signifying the rulers of the nation. Venus on this chart rules the 3rd house of communication (via Taurus) which had been very stressed in recent weeks as Saturn had been sitting on the US natal Mercury, the planet of communication. Venus also rules the 8th house of national debt and taxes (via Libra), where Venus natally sits. Venus getting to the top of the chart I think allowed the lawmakers to thrash out a deal for now to avert a real and present crisis, but the real underlying problems still remain.

The second pointer on this chart saw Saturn approaching the the end of the 8th house and also making a sextile to Mars, which through it’s sign Aries rules the 2nd house of the US national finances. Sextiles bring opportunities and here was one for those in power (Saturn) to make a decision to get the US finances (Aries) back on track, for now.

Thirdly, transiting Mars, the planet of action finally moved into the sign of Virgo the sign of modesty and looking at the details of any situation. This transit I think allowed all the politicians to finally get down to the job in hand rather than grandstanding, making a show and not acting because of excessive pride which is very much how Mars in Leo, the previous sign operates. That Mars is starting to make a square to the US natal Moon which rules the 6th house of the national services, many of which have been severely affected during the lockdown and therefore they are being given the green light to get back to work. Mars of course represents action and finally this was taken.

There is a final aspect to look at and that saw transiting Jupiter, the planet of expansion making a square aspect to the US Venus in the 8th house of debt. What had happened now? Well, the debt ceiling was raised and expanded, exactly in line with what this aspect would suggest. With Jupiter still in the 5th house of speculation which does on national charts represent the stock markets making this square to Venus the planet of money. One would expect a bit of a rally in the markets once this news broke, which duly occurred.

Now yesterday there may have been an agreement, but more difficult times lie ahead. The US Mars ruling the money supply sits at 12:23 degrees Capricorn and will be in the firing line of the wrecking ball that is Pluto in 2014, for the first time in early February. When this conjunction is made then I do expect to huge restrictions imposed and sweeping reforms in how the US deals with it’s money supply. Pluto getting here will start a very painful process to force change, whether people like it or not and with this debt mountain is continuing to rise and rise something will have to give at some point. What do I think will happen? In my opinion I think the US will be downgraded in it’s credit rating, leading to severe panic in the markets. I base this on the fact that Pluto sits natally in the 12th house of suffering and behind the scenes action and rules the 9th house of overseas influences. I just think of those ratings agencies (ruled by 11th house of groups) who work silently the background (12th house) hidden away across the globe who play a hugely influential role in assessing the financial health of large corporations and countries, and I feel that they will pass judgment (9th house) on the US at this time.

Adding in to this, and sitting natally in the US 2nd house you will see Chiron, the wounded healer which natally sits almost exactly square to the midpoint of Mars and Pluto. Wherever you find Chiron on any chart you will experience pain and wounding before any healing can start. In financial terms this position of Chiron suggests that periodically the US will suffer a lot, and I mean a lot. Just one other thing to add. The Lunar eclipse tomorrow lands in the 2nd house of money and finances, will oppose the US natal Venus, square to natal Pluto and make an exact trine to natal Jupiter. Thus money supply issues, debt, relations with other countries, expansion and speculation, behind the scenes actions and enforced change are going to be in focus in the next 6 months. Consider these planetary positions again. The money supply (2nd house – Aries ruled by Mars/Chiron natal position), groups and organisations (11th house – Mars natal position and Pluto transiting), suffering and behind the scenes influences working against you (12th house – natal Pluto), international influences (9th house – Scorpio ruled by Pluto). Put the puzzle on the table and then pieces will slowly fit together as firstly this eclipse lays down a marker for the future and then Pluto hits Mars, and 12 degrees Capricorn.

In life, you can only put off an important issue so many times before you to have to face the facts and bite the bullet. In Astrology those times come along when the transiting outermost planets start to take action against your natal planets. The day of reckoning in dealing with the debt that the United States has amassed is in my eyes fast approaching.

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