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By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5

A calm soothing melody plays in your ears as you begin to hear once again. Darkness starts to fades as blinding light starts to forge.
Your abilities misinterpret it, for it might be a delusion. Your senses deny it, for it might be a lie.
It is desperation that has led you to loose faith. Your despair has chained you in memories- memories that speak guilt. Memories that bleed sorrow. Now is the time when hope abandons your spirit- when melancholy over shadows light.
When your insides cry. When your expectations drown you in sadness. When the fluttering flames breathe their last, their sounds die and its a restless past. When loneliness is your only hope.
Then Sadness warms your frozen heart, with tears that shed the sorrow apart. The dark empty space becomes your peer, a peer that accompanies you further down along this path of self denial. That's when you realize there's no one but you- your sorrows, your secrets, your pain, and nothing but truth.
And in this minute of desperation, in your fight with yourself, the Almighty gracefully descends help.
This moment, when light is shone from the grounds high above. A calm soothing melody plays in your ears as you begin to hear, once again. Darkness fades as blinding light starts to forge- Reinforcing all the lost hope.
This is when you realize you're not alone. This is when the unexpected arrives to upheave you-You're picked up from rubble and taught to stumble; upon failure, denial and endless trouble. Your rebellious will shall evoke you to walk, your restless soul shall thrill you to run, your rekindling hope shall make you fly!
You will muster the strength to begin a new-found life.

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