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Ultimate Circuits South Africa 2017 – Updates 24 Hours

By Abichal @Multidays

Ultimate Circuits South Africa 2017 – Updates 24 Hours

After 24 hours at the Ultimate Circuits South Africa, Kobi Oren covered 101 miles to establish a clear lead over Bill Heldenbrand and Martie Boesenberg, Fred Davis and Fanie Naud who ran 64 miles. Everyone has reached the daily minimum of 62.5 miles required to finish within the cut-off of 16 days.

In the 6 day Annabel Hepworth ran 76 miles on the first day to lead Frik Du Preez with a nice cushion.

The Race Director said that people are welcome to drop by and help support the runners and crews. Its a small field but round the clock for 16 days means there's always things to be done.

Race Links

Online results at: Wrightracetiming
Race website: Stefanroodt.co.za/
Facebook: Ultimate Circuits South Africa

Runners Pages

Facebook: Kobi Oren
Facebook: Bill Heldenbrand
Facebook: Fanie Naude
Facebook Fred Davis 111
Facebook: Martie Boesenberg
Facebook: Annabel Hepworth
Facebook: Frik du Preez

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Ultimate Circuits South Africa 2017 – Updates 24 Hours

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