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Ulcerative Colitis Diet Tips

By Dietilicious @Dietilicious1

Human body can be considered as the most perfect live machinery running for life. It has various structures for protection. When the protective cover of intestines gets damaged due to excessive acid formation inside our colon, it leads to Ulcerative Colitis

Top five foods that not only to protect the intestines but also heal the damages due to acid -

1. Coconut water - It is natural coolant containing minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorous, etc. Tender coconut water being rich in potassium plays a major role in healing the destroyed lining of intestines.

2. Tamarind water - It heals the lining of colon because of richness in polysaccharides in it. Beside this, it has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in relieving pain felt during this ailment.

3. Pineapple - Being rich in Vitamin C it acts as a best healer for lining of colon. Also it contains the enzyme which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and digestive enzyme. It helps reduce inflammation and pain felt during Colitis.

4. Aloe Vera gel - It is the best known natural healer and rejuvenator of skin because of richness in Elastin and Collagen that is why it is used topically for various skin infections. It has analgesic and anti itching properties acting to help relieve pain of wounds and thus irritation felt during Colitis.

5. Bottle gourd - A glassful of Bottle gourd juice with coriander seed powder and mint leaves helps in naturally cooling and healing the colon. Thus gives the relief in Acidity.

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