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UK Voters Send out a Stark Warning the the Establishment.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

UK an Eurp flag

Overnight a seismic shift in British politics occurred and I for one saw it coming. For the first time in over 100 years a party other than the big two, Conservative and Labour, won a national election. The anti European Union party and it's charismatic and straight talking leader Nigel Farage swept to a victory in the European elections. Not only did they pick up seats in England and Wales but they picked up one seat in Scotland too. I said a couple of months ago that Nigel Farage's image was on the rise when I looked at his natal chart, and I got this prediction spot on correct.

UnitedKingdom 25052014

The Astrology of the UK is fascinating at this minute. Uranus on the descendant entering 7th house - the face of the UK is being radically changed and existing relationships are going to get far more rocky and unstable. Uranus is a planet of diversity however we have a conflict here as the UK population react against mass immigration that is changing the face of British society. Square to it is Pluto sitting still on the UK Sun. The Sun on the UK chart sits in the 4th house of the opposition to the government but rules the 11th house of the party political system, and this is finally getting the overhaul that Pluto promised.

Square to transiting Pluto and the natal Sun is Mars now direct in the UK first house. This is a much more self confident and self assertive position now Mars is moving forward and the UK population has spoken in a very direct manner that they are not happy with the status quo.

Transiting Saturn is sitting on the UK Neptune. Neptune rules the working classes on the UK chart (Pisces on the cusp of the 6th) and in this election, they have backed UKIP very strongly against the normal tendencies that they show to support Labour. UKIP has a very Conservative and restrictive agenda indicated by Saturn and you can see the effect that it is having on the normally more socially radical underclasses in the UK. By concentrating the agenda onto immigration, Saturn crystallizes and restricts, UKIP has won a very big and historic victory.

It's clever one issue politics and now that UKIP have a big foot in the door it will be interesting to see how they react to the much more stringent media focus that will be aimed at them with a General election only one year away.

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