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UCC Shooter: Chris Harper- Mercer

Posted on the 02 October 2015 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
UCC Shooter: Chris Harper- MercerJust looking at this guys Myspace page, it tells a lot about him. You can tell he glorifies violence and military styled tactics. He idolizes the Irish Republican Army and the British Army. I guess if he didn't kill 10 people and wound a lot more this would seem like just another innocent kid on a fantasy bender.
 Every one always says that the person was 'angry' or 'violent'. Some even say they talked about doing something like this but no one took it seriously. The UCC Massacre, the South Carolina Massacre, all of these massacres are the direct result of someone not 'taking the talk seriously'. The media scrutinizes everything and makes big deals out of factors that should have no merit in the 'why's' of the situation. First he's white, then he is 'mixed', now he is the Black Muslim gunman. Please Stop! It is bad enough without turning this into some kind of racial witch hunt. If you really want to blame anyone blame the police officers that took Dylann Roof into custody, at the end of the day, Mercer probably did this for nothing more than fame and a free meal from Burger King. I'm not trying to make light of the situation, but America loves a bad guy in a tragic story. These sick people are idolized by other sick people that actually agree with whatever the causes are that they think they are taking on. There is no cause. America its self is to blame. The media, the lights, the cameras, the circus of the American judicial system is to blame for this tragedy, and you know what? He's going to get sent to some cushy hospital where he can get the best insanity and/or medical defect medications that tax payer money can buy, because it is the American way.

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