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Ushers Accuser; Angel Valentino AKA Quantisia Owens AKA Quantasia Sharpton

Posted on the 08 August 2017 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Image result for angel valentinoImage result for angel valentinoWell y'all. The first alleged victim of Ushers alleged dirty dicktedness has come forth. In the midst of Lisa Bloom exploiting the situation, blogger Fameolous has uncovered the woman to be a scam artist of sorts. Apparently this woman has also claimed to be the girlfriend of August Alsina and an employee of Def Jam, she also has MULTIPLE facebook pages and more names than a check forger.
I guess she now has Usher in her sights. Now, I don't know her or of her but it does look rather fishy to me, and not because shes a big girl. The fact that people are saying they don't believe her because she is a BBW just doesn't make sense to me. Honestly, while some of you are worrying about the Bernice Burgos' of the world, there is a Gabourey Sidibe about to slide home boy right out from under you. Don't hate the player, hate the game! Scam artist aside, although I don't believe any of her hype, it isn't hard to believe that somebody would find her attractive. Oh, because he's Usher he couldn't possibly? Yeah, okay. She is not an unattractive girl, she is just an alleged liar. She has stated that she didn't contract herpes from Usher but was exposed all the same, because he didn't disclose he had an STD before the alleged sexual contact. Which brings me to the bigger picture; You're on a date, at a bar, or a person house that you don't know, just met, getting to know, you start kissing and ultimately engage in sexual contact. I am sure there is more than enough time to pull out a condom, dental dams, or whatever else you need to keep yourself safe. Hell, there is almost a store in every direction in a five block radius no matter where you live. I can't understand how a person can come up on a decision they made in a situation they helped to create. In one situation the woman was a bridesmaid that slept with Usher the night before his wedding. She was SUPPOSED to get herpes for doing some dirty shit like that. He delivered that package and she was all too willing to sign for it. The only way I personally believe someone should be able to sue for this type of situation is if you had a relationship with this person and they went out of their way to keep you in the dark about their health status. One night stands, fly bys, jump offs, or any type of hit and run situation, you put yourself at risk and are at as much fault as the person that transmitted whatever disease to you. This particular young lady, if she is lying, should be open to Usher suing her for defamation of character, slander, fraud, and a host of other charges if it is found that she made the entire thing up. But y'all know I'm not one to gossip, its just hearsay... What do YOU think?

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