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Transgender: To Tell Or Not To Tell... THAT Is The Question!

Posted on the 03 August 2017 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest

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I wanted to start this with something funny or witty, but honestly, this is a very serious matter.
To date the LGBTQ community has been going through about as much as any other community that has been oppressed, humiliated, cast aside, and murdered, simply for being themselves. I for one cannot 'hate' someone for who they choose to be or feel they simply are. With that being said, is disclosure of the gender one is born with the same as disclosure of everything else? Yes. When you decide to attempt to share your life, or more importantly your bed, with someone I would think that you disclose anything that is important and can ultimately affect someones life. STD's, gender, noncustodial parents, and credit are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to disclosure. Being transgender is the business of that particular person unless they are attempting to start a relationship, sexual or otherwise, with another person. If you are afraid of what that person may say or how they may react, I am inclined to believe that you know this person would otherwise not be with you if they knew the truth. If that is the case, you are taking away their choice. Everyone deserves to make their own INFORMED decisions as it pertains to their lives. Do I believe trans people should be walking out into the street to disclose who or what they are to people that have nothing to do with their lives? No. Peoples business is just that and nothing more.

Man sentenced for stabbing date 119 times after learning she was trans

Now y'all know I also have to flip the mattress because everything has two sides, terms and conditions, and a smorgasbord or disclaimers. Some trans people say they do not disclose to potential partners because they want to be seen as who they are, trans female or male. They do not believe that a trans female sleeping with straight men makes the man gay or bi sexual at all, because they are now a female. That is projecting your personal feelings about the situation on someone else and is not right at all. Everything is about perception and yours may not be the same as the person who's choice you are taking away.
I have heard trans females talk about 'turning' straight men out, or being on the prowl for straight men just to say they 'passed' in the eyes of a straight man as a female. You have to think about it, would you be happy as a trans person to find that the straight man you decided to be with were also trans? I don't think so. Nobody wants to be lied to, especially about who a person is. These situations can become irksome and moreover extremely dangerous. Not to mention, illegal. Yes, tricking someone into having sex with you and not disclosing your true gender can be called 'rape by deception'. Rape by deception is a crime in which the perpetrator has the victim's agreement and compliance, but gains it through deception or fraudulent statements or actions.Nobody wants to end up in jail over some vaj or penis. Trust me, no sex is THAT good.

Transgender: To Tell Or Not To Tell... THAT Is The Question!

Singer Bobby Valentino

What I personally can't stand is the men that KNOW these women are trans, LOOK for these women, and then PRETEND not to know, which IS the case A LOT of the time. Case in point, Bobby Valentino. Apparently BV is known in the trans world for utilizing the 'services' of the 'working' girls. But since he's been 'outted' he is claiming that he was hoodwinked and bamboozled. I am sure he isn't going to sell any less records because he likes trans women. Who people share their beds with shouldn't matter to anyone who isn't sleeping with them. Of course we will all have to put in our two cent but that and $2.75 could get us all a ride to our own damn business. Usher has been put on blast for giving multiple women herpes but I bet you any amount of money i'd still buy his next album, know why? because I have no intentions of sleeping with him, so whoever he 'let's burn' is his and her business...  What do you guys think of this situation?

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