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By Davidduff

Lest there be any misunderstandings allow me to explain once again that TypePad, in its wisdom (not!) has decided to change whatever it is that decides when a comment is spam or not.

Thus, you may well write a comment, type in the CAPTCHA code correctly, hit the 'Post' button and then be informed that your comment has been posted, and indeed, you will see it is.  Then, possibly, entranced as you are with the wit and wisdom of yours truly, you may change pages and then notice in the side-bar that your comment was not, after all, posted!

Fear not!  It will have been sent to my 'spam box' (why does that sound vaguely disgusting?) and, if and when I remember, I will check it regularly and any unfortunate 'victims' will be published.  In the last few days it appears that I am the only victim which, given that it is my bloody blog and I pay TypePad for the pleasure, is a bit of a cheek.

They call it progress, I believe!


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