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Try Facebook's Redesigned Newsfeed

Posted on the 08 March 2013 by Geekybrains @sreekanth_br
After Graph search Facebook has introduced it's newly redesigned News-feed which is simple and clutter free when compared to the old interface.

What is new in the design ? 

Many people (including me !) messed up with unnecessary news-feed updates (like random posts from pages, recommendations in between ! ).
So facebook designed a fresh look on its homepage to display the news-feed updates in a better way.
The new design is giving importance to the artcles shared by your friends Now you can easily switch between status updates, photo stories, recent updates etc. This means you will have more control on your news-feed now. Although this may be a bad news for the advertisers , All the Facebook users(or at least me! ) will love this clutter free news-feed.
One more important thing in this redesign is that now you can enjoy the same Facebook look on any device. Facebook has designed its new look such that your news-feed will look similar on all desktop and mobile devices. 

How to try new design of Facebook news-feed ?

Similar to Graph search , The redesigned NewsFeed is also in Beta stage which will be available to all Facebook users after sometime.Still you can join in the waiting list so that you can activate it before your friends do it.

new facebook news feed design

join the waiting list to activate your new facebook design

Click here to activate(join the waiting list) the the new design of Facebook.Scroll down to see the button for joining the waiting list.

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