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Trevor Noah Shut Tomi Lahren DOWN! (VIDEO)

Posted on the 01 December 2016 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Trevor Noah Shut Tomi Lahren DOWN! (VIDEO)Tomi Lahren probably thought Trevor Noah was going to be a 'puff piece' kind of interviewer, maybe she thought he was going to ask her questions that she already had the answers to [in her head], she was definitely not ready for the ultra-logical line of questioning that Trevor had in store for her.
If you do not know who Tomi Lahren is, she became the passively racist voice for the white millennials of middle America. She has hateful views that are more preposterous than they are laughable, she actually inspired my personal quote, "every time a dumb blonde speaks, Sarah Palin gets her wings". In my opinion Tomi Lahren is an airhead. She is a miniature Ann Coulter (however you spell it) but not as polished in her own idiotic beliefs. She couldn't answer one question Trevor asked with a sound answer. You dont have to take my word for it, get into this video...

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