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Treatment Products – Uneven Skin Tone!

By Melmeko @melmeko

Still focusing on the products that I use to maintain mySerious Skin Care routine, these treatment products, which I don’t consider tobe essential, yet still extremely beneficial, target my motley complexion, agespots and general skin health.Apartfrom the joys of being ‘blessed’ with oily skin, my uneven skin tone would haveto be the primary skin concern that I have battled for the majority of my adultlife. ~X(  I have tried numerous productsover the years, which all claim to address the problem, most of which wereunsuccessful, so I will concentrate on the two products that I have used overthe longest period, one of which I regard as being far more effective than theother.Both however, have paved the way tomy skin looking and feeling better than ever before! :)

Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum

ABOUT:I originally started using the ‘Pharma’ version of the Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum (now discontinued) but found it was nothaving much effect on my skin so I stepped up to the ‘Professional’ version. I usedit every morning for 18 months, as a regular step in my daily skin care regime.I preferred to use it of a morning, inconjunction with my Topical Vitamin C and regular basic three-step skin careregime, Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising, because I prefer not to use it atnight, in case it might jeopardise the efficacy of my Topical Vitamin Atreatment, which I use of a night. ;)Treatment Products – Uneven Skin Tone!
The first thing I noticed about the serum is that it doesn't have the nicestscent, but I can bare with unusual smells, if it teams up with a formula that actuallyworks. :P Some of the best products Ihave ever used don’t smell that pleasant, so in my opinion effectiveness winshands down over fragrance. @};- It comes in a bottle with a dropper-style lidto easily disperse the serum. I squeezeabout 4 drops of the serum onto my fingers, which is plenty to work right intomy skin. I gently press it all over my face, rather than rub it on, that way itcan soak into my skin, instead of running the risk of possibly rubbing it off. :-OThisserum is very economical, as a full bottle lasts me for around 10 months, and eventhough it appears to be expensive initially, when you consider how long itlasts, with frequent daily use, it is certainly value for money. (*)

When I first began using the serum, upon application I would notice a slighttingling sensation, however over time I didn’t notice it at all, nor did itever irritate my sensitive skin. Thetexture of the serum is somewhat oily, but even though it appears greasy when firstapplied, it fortunately doesn’t make my already oily skin all greasy. In fact, because it absorbs quickly and itdoesn’t offer enough hydrating properties on its own, I still need to use amoisturiser after the serum. I have triedit without a moisturiser, and while it isn’t drying at all, it just doesn’tdeliver enough hydration to warrant skipping this step, which because of myoily complexion, I can occasionally get away with, when using certain serums. :)>-

It is hard to describe what it actually does for my skin, as it’s hard topinpoint any specifically noticeable skin changes, even after the 18 month duration,but there were definitely some overall beneficial improvements. My skin no longer appeared blotchy, eventhough it didn’t completely even out my skin tone, it was still significantlybetter than it was previously. It alsoslightly reduced the flushed red appearance of my skin slightly and the texturewas much softer and smoother. I didn’tseem to breakout as often either, as my skin is was less congested and it workedwonders at keeping the excess oil production at bay. :D

In general, I found my skin looked and felt extremely healthy, imparting an allover naturally radiant glow. I think the Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum wouldbe ideal for anyone who has oily or sensitive skin, especially those who sufferfrom uneven, red, blotchy skin with mild to moderate pigmentation, because withregular use, over time it helps to deliver a more refined, polished lookingcomplexion.

Medik8 White Balance

ABOUT:I initially tried this product as a replacement to the skin toneserum I had previously used, which worked satisfactorily, but being the skincare junkie that I am, I felt the need to search for something even better.:-j Ihave become really fond of this serum, because not only not only is moreaffordable than its predecessor, it also produces results that I can actuallysee. \:D/ I had never heard of Medik8 prior to this, butwas keen to give it a try as I learned it was actually a ‘Green’ cosmeceutical skin care brand, which is just as powerfulas traditional cosmeceuticals and also perfect for those with sensitiveskin.The Medik8 White Balance, a uniquehighly concentrated, active serum, has no Hydroquinoneor Kojic Acid (acid or bleach), therefore no irritation or toxicity,making it extremely appealing to me. :xTreatment Products – Uneven Skin Tone!
Presented in a small bottle with a dropper-style lid for application, I onlyneed two drops per morning, which is sufficient to treat my whole face. It is a clear, extremely lightweight serum andnot at all greasy, which absorbs into my oily skin instantly leaving no tacky residue.It is also a nourishing formulation,which delivers extra moisture, rather than leaving my skin feeling dry andparched. I have never experienced anysign of the dreaded stinging sensation or tingling often associated with many skin-lighteningtreatments, so I believe it is gentle and safe enough to use on even the mostsensitive of skins. ;)

Within weeks of using this serum daily, I noticed changes in my complexion thatwere not evident, even after long-term use, with my previous even skin toneserum. So not only is this serum super effectiveit works fast to provide definitive noticeable results. =D> I also like that whilst this serum repairsexisting skin damage, it is also ideal to use post sun exposure to help preventthe onset of future skin discolouration. :)

In just a few short months, my complexion is uniform; the texture is soft andsmooth and my skin is luminous and literally glowing with health. I love this skin-correcting treatment becauseafter years of neglecting my skin, it was beginning to show the all toofamiliar telltale signs of sun damage, leaving me with a discoloured, uneven skintone with patches of pigmentation and general facial redness. 
:-S No product I tried seemed to work completely,regardless of the various claims and promises they would always make. Yet withthe Medik8 White Balance, after only one four weeks, I could already see a likenessof this brand spanking new skin. \:D/
OVERALL:This serum has given my skin back a hint of youthfulness,which is extremely impressive. My facialredness has diminished, and my complexion is vibrant and so healthy. I constantly recommend the Medik8 WhiteBalance to anyone who has battled with pigmentation or a mottled, uneven skintone and those who are sick of trying products that just don’t live up their claims!I suggest investing in some of this wonder serum and after just four weeks, you will be pleasantly surprised with theoutcome and will never have to look back. This is definitely the bestilluminating, skin brightening serum around; it has totally exceeded all of myexpectations. <:-P
Well yep, that is the gist of it pretty much, as Imentioned, while these treatment products, aimed at my uneven skin tone, arenot essential for my daily skin care routine, their addition does give a bit ofextra oomph and make my skin look alive, helping to reduce the unflattering,deteriorating ravages of time. :D These products give me hope and make me feel likeI am the one in control of my skin, fully loaded and ready to tackle thevisible signs of ageing, to ensure optimal skin heath, so I can sport a younger-lookingcomplexion with the clear, beautiful skin I always wished I could have.  [-O<  Do you use any treatment products inconjunction with your normal skin care routine, if so what are your major skinconcerns and how do you target them?
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