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Treating Domestic Violence PTSD with Quick REMAP

By Remap @REMAP

Treating Domestic Violence PTSD with Quick REMAP is a PowerPoint case study that illustrating how the Quick REMAP treatment method can be used to resolve the distress associated with a traumatic assault.  Treatment results are measured with the Impact of Event Scale, the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and Heart Rate Variability Analysis (HRV).  The slides contain links to more detailed information available on and

This post traumatic stress disorder client was successfully treated during one 55 minute treatment session.  Although this is a little faster than the two-session average that is noted in the REMAP Pilot Study and the individual case studies with PTSD/war traumas survivors, it does demonstrate how rapid relief can sometimes come for clients who respond very well to Quick REMAP.

Treating domestic violence ptsd with quick remap View more presentationsfrom Steve Reed

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