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Trance of Love

By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5
Trance of LoveA beat starts, peaceful and beautifully tranquil. Something about it leaves you thinking   . Nostalgia besieges you.The beat progresses, getting louder by each hollow thump. The sound is plainly simple for the first few seconds until new notes start adding up. You can feel a slight familiarization, a story beginning. Your brain releases a wave of endorphin as your lips begin to stretch. A faint humming begins and you feel your body moving in preset moves, following the path set by the tune being hummed, that now has evolved into a mature melody. You can feel a few instances of your past hitting you in the face. And then, all of sudden, a sudden that you some how you knew would arrive, the music stops and a feeble voice blesses your ears. A voice so soothing and calm, carrying with it a meaningful message- if you concentrate. It stays there for a few seconds, enchanting your ears with its delicate touch. Making you feel different all together. She repeats her message and then her sound closes off, welcoming a tune. The vividly ecstatic music sends you into trance as it begins playing again, same as the old yet differently new. It Extracts all the happy moments from your mind, puts them piece by piece, builds a montage that screams perfection and love,  the exotic melody evades your past. The chorus is at its high rise as you think of all the moments you spent with her- held her hand? Fingers intertwined or perhaps a hug? A blissful kiss? Eyes shut, forced onto each other. A hand on the back pushing her in, one on her waist. Clouds moving by and sun shining high, so high it still illuminates your memory. Her intense aroma filling you up, the wind throwing her burgundy hair in your face. The world around stops; in a moment, there's only you and her guided in the way of love by this strangely familiar music. You smile. You're happy. And then it all darkens. Blacking out, it all dies down. The entire music does. The darkness remains there for a brief yet awfully long time. And then, hope finds its way to a dark alley, u hear a similar but faint melody. Light starts to appear as the music finds its way to a graceful rise. The angelic voice fills your ears once again,  you find yourself next to her, finishing the kiss. Her smile. Her eyes. For a moment you know what it means to let go. Small puzzles of your romantic memory finding their way to a perfect fit. The music plays high again, making your happiness defy all limits, sending you off into a world where you can live forever and ever. Such is the magic of this brilliantly composed expression of love- if you fall in.

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