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Trading Spouses and a Little Fish

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
One benefit we have of sitting at our desks all day here at work is that we have TVs. Yes, we have TVs here and normally, it's just on ESPN and a news channel, but since I have moved closer to the TV and have control, we watch a lot of HGTV and more recently, CMT.
Trading Spouses and a little fishimage source
Yesterday, on CMT, there was an episode of Trading Spouses. In this episode, a white upper class wife traded with a wife from Harlem. I'm not sure what I was expecting but the show made me uncomfortable at times. Many of the questions that the family in CT asked the mother from Harlem were inappropriate and kind of rude. The worst was when the mom was with the family in Harlem and they were driving through the neighborhood and came across Malcolm X blvd. She asked who Malcolm X was. I was like - uh... uh...... Really? How can one be that sheltered? That's a part of history. The family just sat in silence. I was embarrassed. 
I don't know about this show. Hopefully, people can learn from it, but really, it just seems to incite conflict and stereotypes - I may just be overly sensitive.
On to more fun things - DINNER
Last night I made Salmon and it was so good....
Trading Spouses and a little fishMy cute christmas plates - and yes, that's an nc state cup - don't ask

Salmon - 
I marinated it with half a lemon and honey and a little pepper. I cooked it on broil for about 20 minutes but it was also 1.3 lbs of salmon. 
Brussel Sprouts - 
Boil them until soft, add olive oil, kosher salt and broil for 10 minutes
Trading Spouses and a little fish
Salad - 
Spring greensRoasted walnutsdried cranberriesa peargoat cheese
Trading Spouses and a little fishand a store bought rasberry vinaigrette

I spent the rest of the night wrapping gifts - so I am done - at least with the gifts I've bought. I still have more to get. Whoops!
Trading Spouses and a little fish
Merry Christmas!!

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