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Tracking My Finances

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul
I have been thinking about this for so long already. And today, I have come to a very crucial decision. I will be keeping track of all the inflows and outflows of my limited resources. I will be using Quickbooks to track my personal finance.
As an accountant, I personally would want to also be in the know of how I deal with my earnings online and offline. I think, Quickbooks would be perfect to help me with this.
Tracking My Finances
Starting today, I am building my chart of accounts for the year. I guess, this will be a fiscal year since I will be starting just now. 
My mission is to at least see where my finances really goes and how I used it. In sha Allaah, I will be able to maintain this. In sha Allaah, I will be able to use this learning as the building block to discipline in my actions and decisions in life. In sha Allaah, this will help me achieve my goals. 
I think, as a young soul, we should always be reasonable with every action. We have to be responsible with how we live. The fact that I am still in the verge of acquiring properties and assets for my future, I have to have the willpower to actually start now. And what more would the action be than implementing what I learned in college to my real life?! 
I've been thinking... Sayang ang natutunan ko if I won't apply them to my life. Sayang if I am just to apply it to the businesses that I will be working for. Diba? Why not put that knowledge into something that would make your life a lot better and more meaningful. 
You might be thinking that I am overdoing things. But this is a good start. Islam lets us record those we borrowed and we lent. So, this fits me well. 
Have you been tracking your finances, as well? How far have you gone? What goodness has it brought you? :) 

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