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Top Commentator of The Month

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul

Clint pointed out earlier tonight that he cannot really cope with Claire on the top 2 commentator. Well, actually, all of you can still snatch the top 2 position from Claire.

This is open to all Philippine readers. I am so sorry, I am not as close to famous bloggers such as Cheesie and Xiaxue. So, I cannot really spend a lot in terms of shipping costs. T_T

So, what is in store for the top 2 commentator? FREAKING FREEBIES FROM LILPINK.INFO!!!! Yes, I am going to send them all the way to your residence. Cool eh? Love definitely.

Top Commentator of The Month

At the end of each month, I will send the top 2 commentator an email to ask for shipping address. The freebies will be sent every 1st day of the month. I will be the one to choose what freebie to send in accordance with the top 2 commentator. So, yeah, there would be a personal touch of whatever I will send.

Top Commentator of The Month

Yes yes. Even I want to be a part of this monthly caravan. T_T Poor me! Oh well, if it makes my readers happy. It would be my pleasure.

So, I am calling all of my silent readers to actually comment on my posts, past or present. It does not matter. You can go to my post way back in 2010. Just click the ARCHIVES in the navigation bar above.

So yeah, I guess that’s all. You don’t need to do anything aside from commenting. Actually, this is a good giveaway for bloggers. Why? Because my blog is DO-FOLLOW! Just do not post spammy links. I will remove them religiously!! I hate “hate comments” as well. So prepare to be deleted/banned/blocked if you will do such thing.



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