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Top 5 MUA Lipsticks

By Beaumaquillagex @beaumaquillagex
Hi everyone!
Sorry that this post wasn't up this morning, I had a power cut so couldn't come on to publish it! But here it is now. So with the hype for MUA dying down slightly I thought I would do my Top 5 Lipsticks from them. Personally, I don't like the MUA lipsticks with shimmer in them, only the creamy one so I have given about 15 of the shades I had away to friends, but here are the ones I love!
Top 5 MUA LipsticksShade 8, Shade 16, Shade 1, Shade 15, Shade 3
Top 5 MUA LipsticksShade 15This is a sort of nudey peach and I absolutely love it! I can't wear a lot of nudes because they wash me out but because tho has a pinky-peach tone too it it adds some color without being too much.
Top 5 MUA LipsticksShade 16This actually looks super scary and orange in the tube but when swatched it is a much more glossy, sheer apricot color and it super wearable. I think this is a great way to wear orange without it being too over the top.
Top 5 MUA LipsticksShade 8This is a beautiful plum/berry and I'm looking forward to wearing this more again this Autumn. I cannot wear berry shades but for some reason this one suits me? I think it's because it is very cool toned?
Top 5 MUA LipsticksShade 3This is a hot pink but quite wearable because it is more on the raspberry side of the pink family and I love it!
Top 5 MUA LipsticksShade 1Another one which looks very scary and dark in the tube but it's a vampire/pinky red and is one of the only reds that actually suits me! I find this bleeds a bit without a lipliner but I always use lip liner nowadays so it's not a problem.
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What are your favorite MUA shades?
Top 5 MUA Lipsticks

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