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Bedding Inn || A Review*

By Beaumaquillagex @beaumaquillagex
It is no secret that I love my bed all year round, but I especially love it in the Autumn/Winter time because there is honestly nothing better than getting all cosy in bed with a hot chocolate, a slice of cake and some YouTube videos or blogs to read! I spend a lot of time in my room and it is something I am very proud of because I designed it myself a few years ago and am super happy with it. Therefore, bedding for me is the icing on the cake in decorating a room. So today I am hear to introduce Bedding Inn to you all and more specifically talk about their holiday sale!
Bedding Inn || A review*
They are currently running 3 of the best holiday sales I have seen, with between 60 and 90% off their bedding which is a brilliant sale in my opinion, because I feel like nowadays so many companies idea of a sale is just a couple of pounds off!
I thought that to give you more of a feel for the company I would pick some of my favorite bedding items from this sale. So here are my top 3:
Bedding Inn || A review*White Flower all Cotton Skin Care 4 Piece Bedding Set
Bedding Inn || A review* Strong and Vigorous Dolphin in the Setting Sun 4 piece Cotton Bedding SetBedding Inn || A review*Brighten Red Rose Printed 4 Piece Bedding Sets
These are honestly some of the most beautiful bedding sets I have ever seen, they are so unique and beautiful and they have so much depth and reality to them. These are just 3 that I have chosen from the website from the holiday sales 2014 but there are so many more fantastic designs and it is definitely worth a look if you're interested!
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