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No7 Match Made Lipsticks

By Beaumaquillagex @beaumaquillagex
You may or may not have heard of the new release from No7, a match made lip service! I don't know about you, but I find choosing lipsticks really difficult, because I never know what will suit me and there are a whole array of colours (reds, hot pinks and brighter oranges, I'm looking at you!) that I would just never have considered, until now.
You may wonder why I am writing this post, but it is simply because I don't think there are enough posts in the blogosphere on No7 and I really think this brand is undervalued, and I think some people may not totally understand this concept, so I thought since I work at Boots and have been told everything there is to know, I would try and make it clearer for you all! And also show you 3 lipsticks I picked up of course...
I will start off showing you the 3 lipsticks I picked up so this doesn't look like a whole massive clump of text, and then I will explain the service and what happens!
No7 Match Made LipsticksNo7 Match Made LipsticksNo7 Match Made LipsticksStay Perfect Lipstick in 'Blushing Tulip'
So there are 2 different formulas, 'Stay Perfect' a matte, semi-satin long lasting formula (of which I picked up 3) and the moisture drench lipsticks which are moisturising, glossy and thus less long lasting. I realised the error of my way in swatting these though, because I put a lip balm on before putting each on, they look glossy, so for reference of the finish the hand swatches are very accurate.
No7 Match Made LipsticksNo7 Match Made LipsticksNo7 Match Made LipsticksStay Perfect Lipstick in 'Raspberry Blush'
No7 Match Made LipsticksNo7 Match Made LipsticksNo7 Match Made LipsticksStay Perfect Lipstick in 'Rose Kiss'
This lip swatch is much more true to it's matte finish.
So those are 3 of my 3 matches and I think they match me  perfectly!
These stay perfect lipsticks are also fantastic, they last so long, leave a lovely satin/matte finish to the lips and you only need to reapply once in the day, they even last through eating and drinking which is amazing and at the moment they are by far my favorite formulation of lipstick. These are slightly during but nothing too bad and they won't crack your lips, and of course, you can put a lip balm over the top. 
Here are my other matches:No7 Match Made Lipsticks
No7 Match Made Lipsticks
So onto the process, No7 are getting rid of over 40 old lipstick shades, but keeping the Top 7 best-sellers and they have introduced 43 new shades to match as many skin tones as possible. They have spent time researching which colours match which skin tones, and they have corresponded shades from both the Stay Perfect and Moisture Drench line in with their foundation shades.
If any of you didn't already know, No7 already offer a match made foundation service where a small hand-held device takes a photo of your skin and matches it to your ideal No7 foundation shade, so now the No7 beauty advisor will take a photo of your skin and then it will come up with all the lipstick shades that are suitable for your skin tone in color groups: light pink, dark pink, coral, natural, plum and red. Or if you already know your foundation shade you can pick up a card in store like I did which tells you your ideal lipstick shade. These shades are scientifically proven to work with your skin tone, although obviously hair color and eye color will come into play.
I think this is a brilliant idea and so fun too! I would definitely recommend going and having a look in store if you haven't already and get matched!
Thanks for reading,
What do you think? Have you found your perfect match?
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This is NOT a sponsored post, just something I am very impressed by!

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