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Top 10 Island Destinations To Visit Before They Disappear

By Vacation10

Rising sea levels are a fact, not fiction. One of the causes are melting ice sheets in places such as Greenland and Antarctica. These ongoing changes mean that many low lying island nations in the pacific are predicted to soon lose their lowest points such as beaches and agricultural means. Some are even predicted to be totally uninhabitable within the next 50 years. Here are 10 stunningly beautiful islands and island nations that are affected in no particular order.

10. Palau

Milky Blue Palau

photo: tata_aka_T

 9. Kiribati

Atolón de Onotoa desde o aire

photo: Rafael Ávila Coya

8. Maldives


photo: muha...

7.  Seychelles

 Digue Island, Seychelles

photo: victoria white2010

6. Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

photo: rapidtravelchai

5. Tuvalu


photo: INABA Tomoaki

4. Vanuatu Islands

Iririki, Vanuatu

photo: PhillipC

3. Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands

photo: mrlins

2. Yap


photo: tata_aka_T

1. Pohnpei

photo: ctsnow

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