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Toni's Anguish ; Help Stop Sexual Abuse.

Posted on the 31 May 2012 by Misslara16 @misslara
This is a ficticious story, its my way of speaking up about the issue of sexual abuse in our society. We can't  just sit and fold our hands while our promising young ones waste away owing to this 'Pandemic'

TONI's STORY!I walked across that empty land clutching my purse to my chest, walking as fast as I could, my chest contracting with every step I was tired but I kept on walking, I had to get out of here before the miscreants there cam... my head was clouded with thoughts, Dylan. I wasn't sure what he wanted from me I wanted so bad to figure it out I tried to push the thoughts away I made no progress, but I still kept walking.Stop there! I heard them call out. My heart froze literarily, I didn't make it out alive was my first thought then I stopped thinking I started to plot, I have to get out without being injured I was going to make it home safe and not abused. I became furious scared and fearless all these emotions rolled into one was an epic feeling I knew I wasn't going to be raped either I get raped or I die I was sure these miscreants wont have none of me.Albert road was known for harbouring miscreants who robbed men and sexually abused women. Last year Shannon was raped on the bare floor she walked home in her underwear and a lot of shame and she did not press charges because she felt it will ruin her. This madness has to stop. These guys have to understand consequences and ultimately learn that it was a depraved thing to do. Who forces a person to have sex with them? As I walked slowly contemplating whether to run or not I thought about Shannon, about Flaky, Lola and the other girls who have been 'slaughtered' on this road. This is not going to happen I thought to myself, I'd rather die. At that thought I decided to run, I sprinted as fast as I could, after a few yards they caught up with me. One of the smacked me across the face and yelled why were you running? Nothing I said. He smacked me again.I know what you are thinking, yes they did, all five of them. It was awful and my body never felt the same after that day. I took the bold step I made sure they paid for what they did, I spoke to the police but it was not enough, I went to therapy I needed to feel better like a human again but it was not enough. I feel so disconnected with my body that I started to cut myself, I cut because I needed to feel I am still here, somewhere in there, the more I bled, the more I feel like that day was gone. But the moment the bleeding and pain subsides the pain in my heart, in my head comes rushing back like a mighty wind and then I would cut again.Sometimes, I remember Uncle B, he touched me when I was nine years old, and told me I was his best niece, he told me if I let him touch me again he would promote me to the niece of the year and that translated into more gifts and attention so I let him touch me again until he got transferred to Abuja. When I became old enough to figure out what he did to me, it wrecked me, I learnt to live with it but I never felt like I deserved to be loved.So much pain than I can bear I haven't stopped seeking for help, I would do anything to get better, feel better but right now lets just spread the word let sexual abuse stop. Increase the punishment, castrate sex offenders do whatever this has got to stop. whether I get help or not, my life has changed forever.

Help another child out there, Parents watch who baby sits for you, help protect your own. We have to help clear the streets of these miscreants who do such awful things we have to stop sexual abuse in its every form.

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