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Tom Ford Whitney TF09 Sport-Wraparound

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul

Tom Ford sunglasses are well known for their use of retro-inspired shapes along with bold features, unique colors, and rich textures. Refinement and luxury are paramount for Tom Ford, and the concentration is always on being unique. The Tom Ford Whitney F09 is the newest breed of Sport-wraparound style with a slightly bigger frame, which engulfs the entire eye region to give maximum resistance against UV and foreign particles.

Tom Ford Whitney TF09 Sport-Wraparound

Whitney TF09 has cutout lenses attached on the crisscross frame, which is made with a light material to prevent hurting the ears and head with its weight. The lenses guarantee 100% UV protection and protect the eyes from other harmful rays. These sunglasses are lighter than the conventional models, ensuring ultimate comfort to the wearer. Although the frame looks bigger, it has normal dimensions with 64mm eye spacing, and a bridge of 14mm. The rims are shaped round with a taper on the side, which gives them a refined retro look. They are available in the following colors

  • Charcoal/ Grey Gradient Lens
  • Shiny Black/ Palladium Metal Lens
  • Caramel/ Brown Gradient Lens
  • Brown Gradient/Brown Lens

Whitney TF09 is nonsexual, which means gender is not a hurdle to own them. The sunglasses have already had their non-paid advertisements with celebrities sporting them at various occasions, leaving their fans amazed. Bred in Italy – the sunglasses come with highly supervised design and precision manufacturing, ensuring every sunglass stands apart and non-comparable. Cost may not be user friendly to all, but once owned – they are definitely worth every penny spent.

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