Self Expression Magazine


By Amazingtre @amazingtre

As far as the Earth is from the moon

No matter were you are

Will never separate the distance of how close I feel to you

You’re more than pure

An existence so true

Close to I like a child in a Womb

More than a part of me, “Soul-Twin”

To sink in to my Minds fantasy like “Quick Sand”

Grasping no visions but full instincts

Indulging in a Fairy Tale living

Heart aches are no longer mentioned

As you gave my past no attention

Just a bright future in Remission

You are my distance

That I will run for in a minute

No matter time, forecasts or sickness

I will be there to patch the stitches

When you feel emptiness

You are my Stars, Earth, Suns and Moon

The Universe is clearly you

Gravity can’t hold me down from you

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