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To Someone I Still Don't Know

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul
Notice: These things may change according to time. And put a post script at the end that I am imagining things as of the moment because I am really bored. I am not writing this for someone today. I am writing this for the future. And no. There isn't a particular person for this. Just making sure you don't go asking me anything. :D And oh, I don't want to get married yet. Just not yet. I just like to go 'kilig' as I write these things. hahaha. #ExplainMuch
To Someone I Still Don't Know
Dear future husband,
It might be too awkward of me to send this letter to an anonymous person. However, when we get married and I see this, it will remind me of the things I want to do together with you. You know, I am a girl. I have a lot in my mind. Perhaps you’d say then, “I don’t wanna know.” Promise, you have to know. You need to know. Of course, after marriage, it would be too obvious that they will be expecting a baby. We will all be. However, that’s not the point here. These are the things I want to at least accomplish to be able to be a good wife. I want to spend every day with you. You just don’t know how I’d love to spend the days lazying out just by your side. It’s kind of tacky but I like to just be by your side and feel secured. I want to be with you always. I do hope that you’d be the same. Because as far as we are both concerned, we will be spending a lifetime with each other, not yet counting the hereafter. Of course, I would be honored to still be your wife in the next life where we would spend the rest of the time in heaven together happily, in shaa Allaah. What a joyous scene it is! In case you don’t know, I love learning new things. So, please be patient if I just suddenly introduce a new cuisine to the house or started reading some peculiar book about the earth. That’s just me. And please, be sure to tell me when you don’t like the food. I’d love to be able to make you and my children have a happy tummy. Oh, remind me to stay fit and healthy too. In a world like this, we need to stay focused with our health. Tea time. You need not ask anymore. I love tea as much as I would love you. I hope you love it too and will spend the afternoon chitchatting with me while sipping tea from a Chinese porcelain cup. If you’d rather have coffee, it’s okay. I can always make room for that. It would be so much if I ask you to drink only tea. But still, let’s have a date on some weekend afternoons. I don’t care if it’s outside or just in our home. I’d take any of it. Of course, tea is preferable. ^___^ Did you know that every girl loves flowers? You must know that. However, I prefer letters to flowers. I’d love to know what you are thinking through your letters. I’d be glad to see them anywhere. You can put them in my purse, our closet, under my pillow, anywhere. I don’t really care about your penmanship as long as it is readable. Of course, it is much better computerized for easy reading. Do you love traveling? Well, I will tell you this ahead. I LOOOOOOVE GOING TO DIFFERENT PLACES. And I’d love to explore the world with you. I’d love to experience variety of culture with the one I love. But, that would be costly, right? We’ll work our way to that. Please don’t be stingy. hihi
You must be thinking that we are busy to be thinking of sending smushy stuffs to each other. If we happen to be both working for our children’s future, rest assured, I will do my best to multi-task to make ends meet. I do hope you’ll do too. Maybe that’s the perfect time to implement time management. Lastly, please love my mom (including my extended family) as I will love you and your family. She is my life. You met your match today because of her. If she hasn’t brought me up to what I am today, maybe you would not even like to talk to me. I will honor you, your family and your friends. So please do the same. I will try my best to be the wife who reminds you of your deen. I will be your best friend. I will be your lover. Let me be. I am doing my best to impress the Almighty Allaah. I want to focus on my deen. I hope you would be the sole reminder of Allaah in my life. I hope we would spend the days and nights in prayer. I hope our every move will equal worship. I pray that we have God-fearing children. Allaahumma ameen.
Okay now, you may laugh at me. Just remind me of this when the right time comes. Lol!!! :) Kbye.

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