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To Know Love. That There is Someone Who Would Take Care o...

By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5
To know love. That there is someone who would take care of you when you fall, celebrate with you when you rise.
The feeling of belonging to someone- to have her on your mind, like an everlasting shadow, covering every possible area of your existence.
her thought to be the last before sleeping and her thought to be the first once you wake up.
To picture yourself with her in a distant future. To know that your miserable without her.
To know that emotion; which blocks your ability to logically think, which blinds the native ability of man to think rationally.
a feeling that cannot be defined by science. An emotion that fails to comply with the laws of physics and distorts the bonding of chemistry.
To feel something so strong, and within an instant, the pain of having to deny it-  to let go of it.
A cut deeper than that of the sharpest blade- but does not bleed.
The feeling of helpless-Ness and inability at its peak. no one would understand, no one ever does, . They can't- one can never sympathize with one who has lost a hand, until he himself losses the same hand. Only when they feel pain of the very similar intensity, can they understand.
So you sit in darkness, welcoming the silent loneliness around you. Sickening, is what their happiness seems to you.
In matters of heart, justice does not prevail, the wicked do not pay for their sins, saints are not rewarded for their piety, and the concept of right fades away. Every event known to man is what develops his thinking, makes him mature. Defines him.
For this doing, there is a metamorphosis one has to go through, which makes him face darkness. Brings him close to light yet keeps him devoid of it.
Shows him hope yet keeps him deprived of it. Makes him not what he wants to be, but teaches him to face the ambiguous reality- of the life that awaits his restless heart, to send his days into shadows of dark.

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