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Tips to Lose Weight by Lifting Heavy Weights

By Roserighter @roserighter
Lifting weights is an effective way to lose weight. Heavy lifting is particularly good for burning more calories and increasing metabolism.
Tips to Lose Weight by Lifting Heavy Weights
I see it all the time. Dieters use cardio machines when trying to lose weight. I did it myself. I never “crossed over” to the weights until a few years ago. At best, I would do a weight lifting circuit using the machines at the gym. Those new to working out are likely to avoid weight training, specifically heavy lifting. They are afraid to bulk up, add too much muscle or get injuries by lifting heavy weights. Some people just don't know where to start when it comes to the free weights and barbells either. I know I didn't.
However, you'll be missing out on a huge fat burning opportunity if you skip the weight lifting. Lifting heavy weights is an effective weight loss tool. Heavy lifting increases metabolism, increases balance and stability and builds confidence. Lifting heavy weights allows you to change your body composition by adding muscle and burning fat.
A recent study shows that obese mice are able to lose fat and gain muscle due to weight training. Their muscles increased without cutting back on their high fat diet. Researchers predicted the mice would get strong and fat, but they were slimming down even without dietary changes.
Heavy lifting isn't only for beginners either. Even trained athletes can benefit from adding weight training to their existing routines. Another study shows that heavy lifting helps improve the strength and endurance of runners.
Tips for Losing Weight through Heavy Lifting
There are some basic rules for weight training to prevent injuries and maximize the results:
*Use a fitted belt for back support.
*Wear flat shoes without a cushioned heel.
*Have someone available to spot you when lifting heavy weights.
*Hire a knowledgeable personal trainer to show you the proper form for more advanced exercises and heavy lifting.
*Maintain good form to avoid injuries while weight training.
*Lift as much as possible to promote muscle growth.
*Include days where you go all out and hit your max and days where you do lighter weights at higher repetitions.
*Choose a weight you can do eight to 12 repetitions of without sacrificing proper form.
*Increase the number of pounds you lift as you gain strength and are able to challenge yourself a little more.
Heavy weight lifting allows you to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time It increases metabolism and burns calories long after the exercises are performed. The scale might now always reflect your hard work, but lifting heavy weights helps you lose inches and gives you an overall smaller appearance.
Though diet and cardio are important aspects of healthy living, don't make the mistake of overlooking weight lifting as a weight loss tool. Adding weight lifting, especially heavy lifting, can help you slim down quicker, keep you motivated and increase your strength so you have more endurance during other activities.

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