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Posted on the 17 September 2015 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Tip stepped into Hot 97 to grace fans with his sexy country accent. Heyyyy Tip! He was discussing his business moves, Meek and Drake beef, and a host of other things, but all I gave a sh!t about was hearing him say that he is no longer affiliated with Iggy Azalea. I am not a fan of Iggy Azalea. Tip had me looking at him sideways when he debuted her. Now it seems that Tip is done with Iggy. I am sorry but for me, there is nothing remotely significant about Iggy Azalea, I don't see any star quality in her, and if she was a black female artist with the same lyrics, she wouldn't have really made it off of the ground. She is 'mediocre' at best. (no pun intended). Now Tip can focus on finding REAL TALENT!
TIP to IGGY AZALEA: 'ITS BEEN REAL!' CHUNKS UP THE DEUCES! He said that Iggy made some decisions that he was not on board with and now, he has went his own way. I.e. Iggy fu*^ed up and bit the hand that fed her (speculating). Tip seems that he is not the kind of guy to drag a persons name unless they push him there, Iggy should have been signed to Puffy, he'd have dragged her ass naked through Revolt and made her walk to Junior's to cop him a cheesecake. Iggy Azalea is not what I consider a REAL hip-hop artist. She is a puppet, a show piece, a representative of the 'white girl' rapper. Hell, if I were Eminem I would be looking to have her ass come up missing. Female hip hop artists, short of Nicki Minaj (sometimes), have absolutely NO TALENT these days! We are living in a world of Iggy's, Joseline's, and Jessica Dimes (that track disrespectful was cute, but I'm not seeing it for her past LHHATL, ijs). Everyone is trying to use hip-hop to come up on some Gucci, Louie, Prada, and I'm still trying to figure out how they are selling. Iggy is the poster child for a talentless female getting ahead because men fantasize about having sex with them. Even Nicki toned down her look because her sexy was louder than her talent at one point. ("He was a Samurai, Some how I understood when he spoke Thai" Really? A Japanese Samurai that spoke a language indigenous to Thailand. Yeah....) Anyway, I loved Tips interview... Get you some!

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