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Tim Horton's, Eh?

By Myfilmproject09

Tim Horton's, eh?
Tim Horton's is a legendary donut shop throughout Canada. It started with a hockey player for the Leafs, Tim himself, but who was later killed in a single car freeway accident in a De Tomaso Patera sportscar. However his legend lives on.
Tim's has donut shops in every province and they always have lines, both out the door and the drive-thru's. Anyone who gets a franchise is almost guaranteed success. A film camera friend of mine jumped onto the Tim's gold mine and does video presentations, training films and other PR jobs. He refers to his really nice home as "the house that Tim built.
There really is nothing like it in the U.S., except a slowly growing number in the east and even New York. It's not only donuts, they have soup and sandwiches, all reasonably priced.
There was a big controversy a year or so ago when Tim's threatened to use frozen dough. It was on the cover of MacLean's, the Time-like magazine.
Upon my arrival I sussed out the nearest Tim's (also called Timmy Ho Ho and a dozen other nicknames). It was less than a mile, perfect. You're looking at it up there, with snow and ice.
Last week I met an old friend of mine, we both grew up in the small town that Emperor of Mars was based on. He also fell in love with our teacher and we naturally sat in a Tim's over coffee recounting old memories.
Next week back t0 some business, as I meet with Joe and discuss Ghostkeeper. Then back to LA to begin the new year and the 4th year of this blog which keeps going. 

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