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Three Things Thursday - Two More Sleeps

By Khourianya @khourianya
Two more sleeps until my big vacation.  I think excitement is reaching new levels in our house since the girls are sleeping like crap this week.
*** 1) I threw out my back on Saturday when I was cleaning my house in the big pre-trip clean up.  It's doing MUCH better now that I have been to the chiropractor a couple of times.  One more trip and an ice pack should get me quite better before I get on the plane.  This is awesome because while I wouldn't mind being restricted to just laying around in a hammock for the entire vacation - it would be nice to be able to get OUT of the hammock too!
Unfortunately - this whole thing has affected my newfound yoga practice. :(  I am hoping I will be able to start it up again when we get to the resort.
2) Doubters begone!   I totally managed to pack an entire family of 4 for a 7-day vacation in carry on bags only WITHOUT the need for additional bags.  It feels really good to know that we only have these 4 tiny bags to manage for the entire trip.  Funny thing is - I still think I have slightly overpacked us.  Makes me laugh when I think of all of the giant suitcases we have brought on our past trips.
I'm working on a post on how I did it and, once I can say how well it went, I will post it for y'all after the trip...
To occupy yourselves in the meantime (since I know you are all glued to your seats waiting) - if you'd like a good laugh you should go read the itemized list if things you can pack as carry on from the CATSA website. I was busting a gut laughing at some of the items (but that could just be because my imagination goes to some pretty creative places...
*** 3) As a special treat, I have arranged a few special guest bloggers for next week and a special post from me in honor of my twin girlies 5th Birthdays!
Hope you are all having a lovely and pain free week.

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