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My Running 2016

By Khourianya @khourianya

Did y'all know I used to be a running blogger?

Like seriously. I was.

I ran and ran and then wrote and wrote. It's how this blog got it's name. But then I broke my leg after a really struggly year and I didn't want to just sit here and bitch and moan and be all anxious and shit about my leg. So I didn't write as much anymore.

Well - guess what. I'm turning forty this year. Eeek! Unsubscribe now - this bitch be OLD! and I miss running. I left my job a year ago to stay home with my girls and you'ld think that would have meant more time to eake out for my health and fitness. It hasn't worked out that way. Much of this year has been finding my footing with being a stay at home mom with a side business and contracting obligations.

But in 2016, I will return to running. I ran a half marathon just 4 months ago. It's not like I'm completely out of shape. I walk 4k a day just dropping off and picking up my kids from school! But it's not running. Not even close.

Right before the new year, I saw one of the people I follow had posted this:

A photo posted by Cori Nicholls (@khourianya) on

and I decided it was perfect. I don't have to commit to running more than 5k at a time. I have no intentions of racing this year (though I may do a couple shorties). I have a new puppy to train to be my running partner. This could be perfect.

So I put it on my Instagram. And I got 60 likes for it.

60 likes x 5k = 300 km in 2016

Totally do-able.

Early January left me battling the flu, so I got a late start as I waited for my lungs to normalize again. But yesterday I kick started my return to the world of running.

A photo posted by Cori Nicholls (@khourianya) on

and an interesting thing happened. When I tagged the person I dedicated the run to...they later tagged me back to say they had done a 5k solidarity walk!

A photo posted by Kiri Hargie (@kirih) on

I don't know if it will happen every time, but it was pretty cool to have it happen even once.

So I'm running again. Not fast, yet. and not far, yet. But for 2016 it is about turning 40 with a healthier mindset and healthier body. I have alot of weight to lose from a year spent on the couch bitching and moaning about a broken leg...but more importantly - running is a mental health thing for me. The thing that turns off the naysayers echoing in my skull...and I need that more than anything else in life.

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