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Three Things Thursday - Positivity Edition

By Khourianya @khourianya
My brain has shifted this week and I am feeling really positive about a lot of the areas of my life.  More positive than I have felt in a while.
1) My Dietbet is going smashingly.  As of today, I am only 0.8lbs away from meeting my 4% goal.  My pants that were too tight early last week are almost falling off today! Amazing the difference 6lbs makes.
And the yarn ball winder is enough to keep me on track to the end, I think.  Very good incentive for me to keep going.  Now I need to think about what I want for my next incentive...I have a feeling I may keep Dietbetting until I actually meet my overall weight loss goals.  It has been really good at helping me recommit and has given me ideas of how to maintain the success when I am done.
2) I came to a funny realization this week.  When I wrote up my 36 Resolutions, I had added in that Yoga challenge as a way to maybe do some mind-body work on myself.  But ultimately I HATE YOGA!   I know - hate is a strong word.  But it just doesn't do anything for me.   I find it incredibly hard to do and it doesn't shut my mind down and the frustration makes me angry.  I DO need the stretching, but I like athletic stretching.   Instead of a yoga challenge - I figured out that, instead, I needed to find a meditative practice I can maintain.  Something that quickly shuts my brain off like a long run does, but that I can do anywhere.
And then one fell into my lap that might just be perfect for me. Zentangle
Zentangle is a form of meditative drawing and I am feeling immediately and incredibly connected to it.  I bought a book that I am working through to learn it and have drawn two tangles so far - each one giving my brain a break and making me feel so refreshed when I am done.
I have even found a teacher in Calgary who instructs on it so am thinking I might take a course next month.
Funny how sometimes we just find the thing we need, right when we really need it.  Guess I'll be making a revision to the Resolution list...
3)  Paper makes me so happy.   I know - seems so random to hear this from a techy gal like me, but it's true.   I had a rough encounter at work early in the week that left me feeling really jagged and out of sorts so I took an afternoon off and spent it in art and book stores.  Surrounded by so much paper.   I just loved every minute.   And, when I looked at my purchases by the end of the day - I had somehow acquired 3 new moleskines (2 sketchbooks and one journal) and a really cool dayplanner as well as a handful of my favorite drawing pens. The fact that 2 of the Moleskines are Hobbit ones that I found for 30% off - my day was instantly better.  The dayplanner surprised me most of all, though, because for 2 years I've been using Cozi to keep our family organized...but when I saw the planner, I knew I wanted to keep a paper one too.
Yeah - maybe I am a bit weird but it's working for me.
What positive things are happening for you right now?
What changes have you made in your life recently that are making you happy!

Don't forget!  
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