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Three Things Thursday - Healing Edition

By Khourianya @khourianya
I've spent a week wallowing.  Yep - a full week.  Ever since I went in for the freaking X-ray.  Not working out.  Not watching what I eat.  Just wallowing (and watching A LOT of Doctor Who and Knitting in the evenings).  And I've come to three conclusions.
1) I am essentially back in January of 2010.  Why do I say that?  Well - I wasn't a runner then.  I was starting out at 208 lbs (NO - I am not back there, thank goodness) and so I was a girl with a calorie budget and stationary bike.  I can't find my food and fitness journal from those first 7 weeks before I started running, but I do know one the time I started running at the end of February that year, I was down 25 lbs.  How is that for perspective?
Three Things Thursday - Healing Edition
2) With that in mind - I feel more confident than ever that I can make some major headway on my goals by the time I am cleared for running again (hopefully in early may).  It doesn't hurt at all to bike so that is where I will focus my frustrations.  I actually hopped on the bike today at lunch for the first time since my stress fracture diagnosis.  Felt good to sweat.  Probably means I won't kill people today.
Three Things Thursday - Healing Edition
3) and, I said I wasn't going to, but I decided to do it anyway.  I joined another DietBet.  Nikki & Solana are hosting one in the month of April.  $25 bet gets you in.  If you'd like to join us - you can sign up here
I decided to join for one reason - misery loves company.  Nah - but seriously.  I just need somewhere to be accountable to.  And I actually want to lose the bet.  But not in the way you all are thinking.  I want to lose enough weight in that month to make DietBet question if it was even possible.  THAT would be worth $25 to me.
I plan to start April on the right foot and do what I did when I started this journey.  Eat less, bike everyday and bring myself back stronger than ever when the time comes to return to running.  I've been watching a lot of British TV since we cancelled satellite so I keep hearing the following saying in my head with a British accent:  "Keep it simple, stupid".   Except I am hearing them as "Keep it stupid simple"  Eat less.  Bike everyday.  I can do that.
Three Things Thursday - Healing Edition
Now lets get me healed.
(BTW - I forgot to tell y'all that the doctor I saw for my treatment plan pretty much told me I am a real runner now.  Humph.  How 'bout that.  Crossing the finish line of 50+ races, including 13 half marathons and 2 full marathons didn't do it. It took a stress fracture to make me a "real" runner.  Good grief.  Can I have my regular doctor back now?)

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