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Three Things Thursday

By Khourianya @khourianya
1) I had my follow-up appointment for my stress fracture yesterday.  I was feeling so positive when the doctor pressed on it and it felt tender but not "shoot me through the ceiling" painful.  I was sent for more x-rays...
and it's still fractured.
BAH!.  It's's just not HEALED.
Four more weeks of no running.  Makes me happy I DNFed last weekend.  It also makes me wonder how close to a full break I actually was.
In other news - apparently on my first x-rays there was also a visible bone spur at my Achilles.  Fun times.  I imagine they'll be watching that pretty closely going forward.
*** 2) I started a little yoga challenge with myself on Monday.  I need to heal and get some flexibility back and as much as I hate to admit it - I need the yoga.   So, we'll have to see how this goes, but with four more weeks of no running, I think I need to take some time for self care and see if I can build some sort of practice that will help me when/if I am able to run again. Three Things Thursday
I may even venture into a class at some point...probably when we are at the resort.
3)  Nine more sleeps until my vacation.   Can I sleep until it gets here?  I am so ready to go and just be off my feet for a whole week!
Three Things Thursday
I think I have officially run out of things we need to buy for this trip.  Hubby is probably happy about that.
I am also insanely happy for the long weekend this week!   My plan is to be completely packed by Monday so I won't need to do anything else for the trip except grab the suitcases and go.

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