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Three Things Thursday

By Khourianya @khourianya

1)  I am happy to report that my sugar wean is going exceptionally well.   And feels like it has been too easy.   I don't know how to describe it, but once I had my mind made up to do this - I stopped wanting to fill my house with added sugar.
I am still in the early stages of this.  It has been a week and a half and I am feeling really good about it. I cannot lie and say I am 100% sugar free yet..I have been using up a few things but will replace them with better.   Right now I am focusing on reading and researching and testing and trying.  And it's working for me right now.
Here's what I'm reading:

I had an overwhelming visit to Safeway on the weekend, where I felt that each aisle I walked down was crushing me with sugar from all sides.  I am not feeling deprived (thanks to my sugar free peppermint patties, I think)
Three Things Thursday
but I am a bit overwhelmed when I think about doing my de-sugaring of the pantry this weekend.  
I also donated a ton of food to the foodbank.  At first I felt bad about the cans of soup I dropped in there - thinking how much money was wasted...but then I realized I likely didn't spend much on them (I tend to buy cases) and they will help someone who might otherwise go without food.  
The next step is to actually haul everything out of my pantry this weekend and get serious about making the commitment.  I'll try to take before, during and after shots to share.   Just don't judge me for the state of the's pretty messy in there.
2) I never really wrote about my Zentangle class last weekend, but it was SO AWESOME!  Sandra Chatelain was a super teacher who was able to build on what I was already learning by book and I have been really happy with the drawings I've managed since then.
Here were my "in class" drawings
Three Things Thursday
3) I just got the email from my winning the Fitfluential DietBet...I won $44.06!!!!  Pretty good for a $25 investment!
Three Things Thursday
And there is still time to join the Read.Write.Run.Mom. DietBet that starts this weekend.   Just think - the more people we can recruit - the better chance we could win big!  I hope you'll join us for it!  and ask your friends and family along for the ride - see if some friendly competition can help us all do a spring kickstart!

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