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Three Things Thursday

By Khourianya @khourianya
Hallooooo?  Anybody still here?
So yeah - I've been a bit absent.  Ok - completely absent - and for a month and a half.  I think I just lost my blogger license.  Haha.  But I'm not going to apologize  I have been insanely busy.
So - to try to step back into this world..I thought I would post the three things that have kept me away.
1) Wrapping up my day job
Yep - I am officially a stay at home mom now (well, work at home mom), but the entire month of February was jam packed with my wrapping up my full time job.  My days, lunches and sometimes evenings were filled with putting the finishing touches on my projects and training my replacement (who I had an UNHEARD of three weeks to train! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!).  But it was good to be done when I shook hands and walked out of the building on February 27.  My journey there had ended and I was ready to move on.
2) Learning the New Routine
Being the newest member of Team No Daycare, I had so much to figure out and two little girls to train that being home with mom is not the same as being home on weekends.  They needed a home routine and FAST!  So our days have been filled with learning and establishing chores, doing lots of reading, earning our screen time and walking to school (a BIG adjustment after being driven everywhere before).  My fitbit has no problem reaching that 10,000 steps each day sine it is a km each way to the school and I am walking it twice a day!Makes me feel like I am being more active too...probably because I am.
I am also trying to get back the running habit by putting in regular 2k runs on my treadmill.  Ok - maybe not so regular...but I am making an effort to use it for more than a clothing drying rack.
Plus, I am working part time when the girls are at school, doing social media for a local recording studio - which is pretty fun in itself.  My days are flying by now.
3) JOT!!!
Three Things Thursday My new business, JOT, is officially open as of Monday!  I kept putting off the opening, hoping to build up more and more stock, but finally realized, I just needed to get moving and I could add more each week as I go.  I'm so proud of it so far so go check it out and keep me in mind when you are looking for unique stationery gifts for people (or yourself).  I'm not going to market the business much on this blog, but will have a logo and link on the sidebar soon :)
So with all that is going on - there's no wonder I've been MIA.   But with warmer spring weather happening and the nerve pain in my leg starting to calm down as it gets used to moving more - I am hoping I will soon be able to start positing about my adventures in running again...and I KNOW I am going to have some new adventures in mommyhood to share along the way!  Stay tuned!

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