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Three Act Structure-2

Posted on the 29 October 2010 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Three Act Structure-2I have broadly explained what is Three Act structure is all about in my last post. Now just giving an detailed idea and explanation about it. Just try yourself the things what i have told in my last post. The basic story line will be called as the main are basic plot of the film. Just create a character and follow the structural elements told in the part 1. Try to find what is the point of attract in ur story. What is inciting incident and what is the point of crisis. Then u will have an idea what event makes an element in ur script. Then u will have a clear road map to reach ur destination in a smooth way.
As i told u in my last post just set up and introduce your Protagonist/Hero. Narrate something about his background, what he is, so that upcoming events should be justified. Likewise introduce ur Villan too. create a problem and make ur Hero go somewhere to find the answer. The inciding incident and first turning points are the most important concepts to engage the audience in the theater.
Usually the 3o pages of ur script would be introducing Hero and establishing his character and the other things would be Tone,genre of the movie. I have already told u long back screenplay will be formatted in  a strict way. Usually 30 pages will be counted as 30 mins of run time of the film.
The point of attack is nothing but the starting page 1 in ur script. U can start ur script with an usually event that turns interesting later. Are u can go for a thrilling and special scene where u can engage ur audience in exitment from scene one that depends on ur capability and caliber.
This is nothing but a single incident are event in the film that makes the film to move forward in the movie. It might be conflict between the Hero and Vilan are anything. It may come in the Act-1 are in the first turning point of the movie.
So now your hero is set and have a problem.
What are the steps he is going to take to solve the problem he is facing what is at stake.
At what cost he is going to solve the problem.
He will be in a dilemma what to do and where to go.
What are the pros and corns and rewards he get put of it.
Will he call for Action?
At this step hero will enter into a completely new world to him where everything would be risky,strange and sucking. This is nothing but hero will be full of challenges.
In  ACT-2 hero will face so many challenges. Full of problems ans strategies. As i already told u the main line of the film is called as plot of the film and the other plots which u add are called seconday elements are sub-plots. U will brings subplots into play where usually these subplots would add to the goal of the film usually.
So hero starts to find a solution to his problem. Makes his first attempt to solve the problem. But it will be a failure and finally his first attempt brings him many more problems.
There wont be any easy way to get out of a problem. In the same way your Hero will makes an attempt to get of the problem but it wont help him and takes him into more troubles and his world would be more unstable. what are the steps he is going to take to solve his problem would be the mid point.
As i told earlier hero will have numerous conflicts and the action continues to be same. As the Hero's world is unstable there may be some rate of successes but there will be so much to do still. And in the mean time the conflict between the Hero and the villan will increase. And Hero tries to take lead over the Villan and this is the mid point.
As we all know that  bad always deceive good in the beginning but finally good wins. That will be the same same in a film story too. At some some point of time Vilan should be more powerful and than the lead role in the film. This will justify so many things in the climax. So this is a must Villan should be powerful than Hero may it be physically,mentally..this will help in the internal conflict too.
This is the worst time a hero faces in your story. A major set back that makes hero down and out.  It happens at the end beat of Act-2 and beginning of Act-3. And also it is the second turning point of the movie.
This will be the time where hero faces the emotional challenge. It will be the decisive moment for the hero. Will he take up the challenge to reach his goal. What are the things he will risk to reach the goal is the question. In some stories the challenge as well as the answer will be show in the Act-2 itself.
As the title suggest it will be the climax of the story. All the subplots which help to move the story are tied up and all comes to a point that the hero will answer the question thrown by the Villan. This will make the entire climax thrilling, and should satisfy the audience.
In this process of reaching the goal the lead role learns so many things. And it will show that all the struggle in the middle is just for short time. Here the hero finds the solution for the challenge thrown at him. Again the goal is possible.
There is no room for explanation. The lead role know what to do. And he will start attacking the vilan. This will lead to climax.
Good always will have upper hand over bad. Like wise hero will defeat the villan. And the fight is resolved and the question thrown over is answed now. 
Finally, hero will learn something from the whole theme u have narrated and the story will be a success. There should be something to learn.
This is the article presented by me from my writing experience. If any suggestions and advices i am very glad. Thanks for visiting. please do comment.

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