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Three Act Structure-1

Posted on the 29 October 2010 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Introduction To Three Act Structure
 After a very long i am posting this topic and a very important concept too. The three act structure. This is the very basic formula used in film industry to form the structure of a story all time. This is first introduced and brought into limelight by Aristotle so many years back. This is the same formula used to narrate the dramas in olden days. Three act structure the name itself reveals about the concept of having three very important steps in story making format. This is a very fundamental thing to form a structure for a story.
Why should we follow a Three Act Structure:
Right, we should follow three act structure because it gives us a clear idea about what we are writing and creating.
Usually gives a clear way and helps in smooth narration.
Will gives a chance to analyze about what we are writing.
Can mold your characters in a correct way.
There wont be any confusion.
So because of all these reasons, this concept will be very handy. Jus like while we build our house pillars are most important factor jus like that Three act structure are to simple say a structure is important for a screenwriter.
 What is Three Act Structure:
As the name suggests, there will be three acts to complete the Three Act Structure.
Three Act Structure-1
In act one introduction of the lead actor/actresses (protagonist), He will be leading a normal life. Suddenly lands in trouble and his normal life will be disturbed and his journey starts in search of solution for the problem.
In Act-2, In this stage protagonist faces so many problems. even though he is in search of solution for the problem his problems increases. Suddenly he feels he is no where. Finally he gets enlightened. And finds an answer but by that time it will be too late.
This will be the conclusion are the climax. This compiles the Three acts in the story.Simply to tell in 2 lines. Ore lead character will have problem,journey for solution and conclusion. that's the formula in Three Act Structure.

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