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Thoughts on the CM Punk Fan Incident

By Neliem @NelieMarie

Thoughts on the CM Punk Fan incidentLast night Raw had an incredible Main Event but what everyone is talking about is the incident that happened during the closing minutes. Punk escaped through the crowd and ended hitting a fan. Now there’s a lot of people saying that Punk didn’t act professional and he shouldn’t have hit a fan. But any wrestler would’ve done the same thing, you can’t touch the performers that’s the rule. If someone pushes, hits or tries to injure someone by throwing him down the stairs of an Arena I think the performer will have a problem with that.

On this video taken by a fan shows what the people in their houses didn’t watch. The fans were clearly pushing and hitting Punk. Of course many will say he hit the wrong guy but that’s not the point, Punk had a legitimate excuse to hit someone. As I mentioned above you can’t touch the performers if you do there’s nothing good coming out of it.  If you push or hit a baseball player, basketball player or any type of performer you will receive a punch.

In the video of above you can see how a man hit Punk in the lower part of his head near his neck and afterwards he just hides behind the guy in black. This whole incident was caused by the lack of security. When Punk ran into the crowd a security should’ve ran with him. If Punk wouldn’t have hit the fan security would’ve never appeared and the story will be talking about is how the Sacramento crowd pushed Punk down the stairs of the Arena. I’m sure that nothing big will come out of this, now after this incident Punk might be a bigger heel than he already is.

In another note Cageside Seats noted that the fan that did hit Punk was bragging on Twitter about what happened. Here is the tweets

yoo tweet fam check this video of me live on tv on USA retweet youll get a good laugh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5–Jr200CHc …

cagesideseats.com/2012/10/9/3477534/video-cm-punk-punches-fan-monday-night-raw-wwe-news … Check it out!!! I’m on national television!

He then had the following back and forth discussion about his childish actions with a Twitter friend of his named YCDannyBoy:

“@YCDannyBoy: Just saw @DarioTeyes on tv WWE idk how the fuck this dude does it but he does it! Lol” lmao dope huh?

@DarioTeyes YesZirr You see that fan get knock the fuck out? Lol

@YCDannyBoy bro I’m the one that was fucking with him lmao them he rocked an innocent fan

@DarioTeyes haha wtf you do to him? So homeboy is getting paid?

@YCDannyBoy that guy is about to be a millionaire!!! I punched his kidney and slapped his back hella hard

@DarioTeyes stfu!! I seen that dude just turn run an clock sum one! Lol

@YCDannyBoy bro he straight pounced on a poor day white guy. I hit him ran away then ran back and stood next to him cause I saw the camera

@DarioTeyes how did ppl not snitch you out? Lol but that shit said that fans saw him hit CM Punk? So idk ha

@YCDannyBoy cause I dipped fast! Come on now poor fat guy is just hanging out putting his glasses on

@DarioTeyes haha calm yourself you aint flash for real that’s all bad poor dude

@YCDannyBoy lol I made power moves!! He’s not poor anymore lol bout to make some money

@DarioTeyes they going catch you slipping an you going be fucked lol

@YCDannyBoy no one ever has and no one ever will

@DarioTeyes mofo when I’m top flight ✈ motha fuckin security best believe I’ll be hunting your ass

What an Asshole, also he needs to take English because is hard to understand what he is trying to say.

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