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Thoughts After the Show: Raw September 10, 2012

By Neliem @NelieMarie


 Last night the last half an hour of Raw became the most horrible minutes I’ve been witness in my short life. Being 19 years old I heard about the Owen Hart tragedy and now I can only imagine how hard was that loss for fans. A death or a death treating situation is sad in every occasion but when it happens when you don’t expect it is horrible. Last night Jerry Lawler had a heart attack while doing commentary. Thanks to God he is OK, but those moments without knowing what was happening were the worst minutes any human that is attached to someone could be in. The worst thing about last night was not hearing Michael Cole on commentary. That moment I needed to hear Michael Cole’s voice just to know everything was alright, I needed to know that nothing bad happened to Lawler. Thankfully he did talked and said Lawler was better. That made me enjoy the last segment which showed how professional Bret Hart, John Cena and CM Punk are, they delivered an incredible segment even knowing what was happening to Jerry Lawler. But the true professional on all this was Michael Cole. After Jerry Lawler’s attack he continued doing his work on commentary, he controlled himself to give the news to the fans and he in a class act decided not to continue with commentary. In a moment so difficult for him he managed to do his work, just like all the talent that continued with the show even with what went down. If I was scared at home I can’t imagine how they felt backstage. Here is an image that sums up how many people felt last night, let’s pray for Jerry Lawler and hope he gets out of this.


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