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Thought Bubbles: The Joy of Reading

By Vivianism @vivianism

So I actually bought the E-book Me Before You when everybody is watching the movie. Well, I just thought maybe the book might be better and it would be nice to start off with the book, after all that's how the movie came about - from a book.

The thing about Kindle is I actually do not know which page I'm at. I just know that I've been through like 23% of the book. So every book is a 100 pages to me. Normally, I read really slowly, but this book kept me going page after page. The last time I had a super good read was when I read Before I go to Sleep. Nothing quite get me reading like this book until now.

But because spoiler is everywhere, I actually sort of do know the ending of the book already. But nonetheless, I'm still hoping this book would make me cry. And I would try my best to read it as fast as I can, and when the book finishes, I would feel lost and cringe for another good read like this again. Exactly like what my sis said, "I've lost the meaning of life" when she completes her drama.

Well, this is the joy of reading. Isn't it?

PS: I'm not too sure how many of you care about my thought bubbles. But you know, sometimes I have conversations with myself and I need to get them out. :p Well, introverted people are just strange creatures.

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