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This Week In Astrology (28th June - 4th July 2021) - Mars Enters The Fray

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
This Week In Astrology (28th June - 4th July 2021) - Mars Enters The Fray

Good morning everyone. Hope you had a good weekend. During this week in Astrological terms, Mars, the planet of action steps into the spotlight as it enters the realms of the Saturn Uranus square. This then on the face of it looks a tricky week, and it appears to get tougher as it progresses.

We start today (28th June) with an inconjunct aspect from Venus now in Leo to Jupiter, newly retrograde in Pisces and there's a sense of misplaced values and relationship matters getting a little out of hand. Venus wants and almost demands attention in the sign of the Lion, and yet Jupiter retrograde in Pisces is more inclined to hide away, and act in a less demonstrative and more private way than Venus expects. A conflict or misunderstanding between that which has become public and that which should stay private may eventually be how this inconjunct plays out.

When we get closer to the first day of July, tensions may be building. Mars, also in Leo makes a very difficult opposition to Saturn on this day. I have touched on this aspect many times before, and just to remind you, this is the classic stop/go aspect. Mars wants to motor on ahead in a bullish and individualistic way, however Saturn in Aquarius will halt all forward progress and put down rules and regulations to prevent Mars from carrying on its journey. Now this is a fixed opposition, and so there is likely to be a lot of frustration if you are on the wrong end of things, and if you are the one being prevented from carrying out your wishes. It may be this time that you have to bow to what the majority or group want, as this is a Leo Aquarius opposition.

Mars a day later on the 2nd July makes a trine to Chiron. Now two possibilities here. Either a way to compromise your position will be found as you learn what others want, or a sense of wounding or hurt will be exacerbated through the trine as you are so fixated on doing things your way.

On the 3rd, the Sun in Cancer gets into the picture making an inconjunct to Saturn, and now those making the rules might realise that they themselves are causing problems. There might be an emotional reaction to impositions being imposed, and matters of security and protecting what one needs to looked after, may be questions that have to be answered. Look for adjustments as those in positions of power shift their stance.

At the end of the week, we have Independence Day in the United States, and very appropriately, Mars which during the week has been blocked off or prevented from expressing its free will by Saturn, now makes a tense square to Uranus in Taurus. If matters haven't been resolved earlier in the week, then this aspect will encourage Mars to do its own thing, break the rules, go its own way or invent a new way of doing things to get around any blockages. There will also be a sense of the individual (Mars in Leo) shaking the tree and upturning traditions and things that we have been used to experiencing.

This is a very unsettling connection in particular as the Moon joins Uranus during the day making things very personal and emotional, and all manner of shocks may occur. Be careful of accidents, and there is a possibility of things breaking or being ripped apart. Too much speed or things done in haste may be completely counterproductive or even dangerous. This is a lightening strike aspect, so be on your guard, and expect the unexpected. There is a possibility that breaking out and doing your own thing will be a liberating experience for you, but it will have ramifications for others who are left behind or miss out.

Alongside the Mars Uranus square, there is another one in operation as the Sun in Cancer squares Chiron in Aries. There is sharp wounding here, lessons that have to be learned maybe from mistakes made, and emotions may be on a hair trigger.

Taking everything into context, the energy around the 4th July will be rather difficult to control, and I sense a lot of tension that may play out, in particular I suggest in the United States, as the first Independence Day since the last Presidential election is celebrated.

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