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This Post is X-rated

By Davidduff

By which I mean that this post is not for 'kiddie-winkies' or those of a nervous disposition, and this blog refuses all responsibility if, after viewing, you require the services of a psycho-babbler or a constant supply of Prozac.  If you need to sue some one then allow me to point you at my regular commenter, 'BOE', who in a thread to my post on that well-known old-age-pensioner, 'Madonna', he left the following cryptic comment which I can only describe as Arkansian:

Just look at blazingcatfur for a lovely pocture of the next US president! 

Flummoxed because there was no link, nevertheless, I deployed my considerable brain, trained in its day by Army Intelligence (taps side of nose and winks!), to my computer-thingie and looked up blazingcatfur which turned out not to be anything to do with red-hot pussy fur but a news blog - pity!  Anyway, dutifully I scrolled down and  ... you will have to excuse me for a moment because I really must take another six Prozac tablets ...  I came across this which was, I assume, BOE's reference:  


Yes indeed, "The horror, the horror!"  Of course, this blog would never countenance being rude to grandmothers, well, at least not before raising our hat first, although I admit my previous post on that raddled old 'tranny-granny' Madonna did contain some impertinences but, and this is crucial, they were not my words but someone else's.  Anyway, to cheer you up and make amends, here is a picture of Granny Madonna stroking her pussy.  (Sorry? What?  Eh? What did I say? . . .)

And here she is in semi-religious mode thinking hard about her zillions of fans: 

And be honest, don't you wish your Grandmother looked like this: 

Well, if all that is far too stimulating for you then let us return to the graceful beaty of the POTUS-in-waiting as here she describes Bill's pecker, er, that's a baby woodpecker that nests in the trees surrounding the multi-zillion dollar home she was forced to retire to when she was "dead broke".

And here she is playfully mimicking Nancy Pelosi, another glamorous Democrat lady, well, sort of lady:

Of course, Nancy is one of America's favorite Grandmas and why wouldn't she be given that she is nearly 107 years of age although some unprincipled rat bags have hinted that she has been in receipt of treatment from surgical friends:

Alas, sometimes the treatments did not entirely succeed but as they say 'over there' with admirable stoicism, "Shit happens!"

She should call in Steven Spielberg from Hollywood, his make-up boys would solve her problem.  After all, they rescued Victoria Beckham from that dreadful E.T. look she once went in for:

   Victoria Beckham   E.T.

Well, to be honest, I have rather lost the thread of this, er, thread.  All these gorgeous grannies have left me in a rather over-excited condition, more Prozac, methinks and then a little nap!

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